Type Of Youtube Channels That Pays In Nigeria

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Start a Youtube Channel

You can start a youtube Channel now and get something starting with patient and hard work you will get to the top and start making millions online Youtube gets 5 billion views everyday which proves it’s power on the internet.  There’s no doubt how much money people are making online via this platform. People are making a lot  by running a single Youtube channel Example Is the Great Emmanuella comedy that has taken the heart of Nigerians and some other cartoon channels such as Area. You can start little Be consistent and become great , Because For you channel to be able to make money online you will need To have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch hour as of 2018 till date, don’t get pissed off you can do it.

Type Of Youtube Channels That Pays In Nigeria
Here are some drafted list of the Type Of channel that you will get more views and subscribers in Nigeria
1.       Tech Videos: You can start with tech Videos, on new technology, How to Use app and so on, people like to know the latest and new tech in town like the latest phone or the price of some of this phone, you can get a lot of audience on this.
2.       Tutorials: I have a channel on tutorials and I am having  a good view every day, something about tutorials is that they is always somebody out there that like to know something about what you teach, when they pick up there, type in there question your video will be the number one. You can start with simple tutorials on what you know best such as Tutorials on CorelDraw, Photoshop, Microsoft word, Cartoon Marking, Or even How to make Cake, How to make Food of different Kind.
3.       Cartoon: Another Channel That Pays In Nigeria Is Cartoon Making , Cartoon or animation as you know it is bringing a lot of good views, You may not like it but so many love it, Cartoon channels  Have been growing in Nigeria since the Introduction of the popular ‘Area’. You can become a professional Animation maker now all you need is the Love for Drawing and good Software, I have a cartoon Channel And it is doing great.
4.       Product Reviews: You can also Review Products, like new products and How to use them, even new apps
5.       Comedy: Comedy grow like a wild fire in Nigeria, Every good comedy channel always get good Audience Not just from Nigeria but around the world they is About  300 Hundred Comedy channels from Nigeria And it is growing fast. All you need is to get people to work with, a good name, A Cameras, And A good place to share you videos, you can also Advertise your video on Youtube. Once people start knowing your channel you are good to go. Don’t start it if you are not serious and you know you will not continue. One of the things that Nigerians Youtubers  Suffers is that They Backup very quickly when things start going hard.  
Adsense is the only way to make money on youtube, as Youtube is For Google and only Google adsense work with it, After you have gotten a good channel and 1000 subscribers plus 4000 watch hours you can Create an adsense account and start making money in Nigeria.
Let see How to set Up a Youtube Channel that pays in 2019

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  1. There are lot more, but this are the best a got, you are free to comment your own category of channels below thanks


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