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If you have created a good looking content and what you need now is how to get a good looking Traffic to your blog or site because without Traffic you can never make money with your Website or Blog.

Without Traffics your website will not be seen by any one. It is one thing to get a lot of Traffic, it is another thing to keep them coming, and traffic may come and Go after they might have found out that your site does not have rich content, that there are looking for. So here are some ways you can get an ever growing traffic on your Blog.

First thing to do is to have a rich and enough content

What is the need of trying to increase your site traffic when they is less rich content to keep your site Visitors always coming? If you are ready and you know that your site is ready to start getting traffic, it should be good looking. When your Post title is eye catching it cannot be easily ignored by searchers.

Use Keywords on your Post

You can start using very good key words on your post, How do you do this? Before writing any post, first of all you need to think of a very good Post title to use, Do not just post any how title, Your title matters a lot example am writing on an academic Niche on how to memorize quicker during exam’ that will look better if I add number of ways you can memorize better, I will like to put it like this “12 Ways You can memorize quicker as a student during Exams”  Adding the number of Points in your Post to the Post title Help bring traffic from search engine.

Another thing is your Post body, When writing a post make sure you don’t write things that will annoy your readers, some time I go through my post over and over again and I put myself in the shoe of my visitor to see what will keep them reading or what will keep them out.

Start working on your traffic your self

In this step you don’t have to pay for any traffic, you need to look for them yourself that is done by working on your SEO. I make sure every post that I add to my blog always Get Some certain number of views before creating a new one, how do I do this? I will give you a fast example of what i am saying.

It is all about getting traffics from social medias like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, telegram and soo on, you can create a post that you know will be welcome by your friends, like I discovers that most of my friends complain about their Facebook account been hacked so I researched and created a post on how to avoid that and shared it on Facebook, that post got so many views because it is what their need.

You can tell friends about your site, i got up to 100 visitors a day on my site when i started with this level and it was soo cool that i spend just 1 hour every day on getting 100 people to visit my Blog, When they come they like my post and they still come back after some time, in one month time my traffic grew to 500 daily because of my hard work. So your own personal scarifies on this can save you a lot of money, what will be the need of you buying traffic when you know after your campaign expires it will reduce to normal.

You can work on your back links

What is Back Link? When someone visits your blog from another website it is call back link. So that your blog have a back link from the other site, the number of back link you have tells how the quality of your blog is, thereby increasing your rank on search engine as well. I can write my article on a website that allow free blogging and then add my site link to it. To get good back link you should be a good article writer, you can answer Like 10 questions on Quora and add your Link to your Blog, there are so many other good site you can get backlinks from. Free blogging is when a blog allows everyone from Posting to it.

You can Buy Traffic to your Blog

This is the last Option because, I don’t like buying traffic to my blog, since i am a new blogger with little earning. But this really helps. If you have a lot of cash you can create a campaign on Google or any other advertisement network of your choice, they are so many of them but Google Ad word is the best, look for a very good keyword and create a very nice Campaign.

Note if your blog is a new blog with little content it is not advisable to buy traffic, You can get traffic from other source, don’t use click for click, like traffup because it is Against Google policy and if you have AdSense or want to apply for AdSense your traffic source matters a lot. Thanks and for more information about blogging follow me on

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