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Nairatime is legit and easy to use, Just with N1500 You are sure of making N5000 In Two week,  By making N200 Every Day Without Stress Just By Posting on Facebook, and N500 for every guide you provid.

Here is a compiled List of all you need to know about NairaTime. What is Naira Time

NAIRATIME is a Digital Marketing Agency. Which promote Advertisers content by sharing their own revenue with members Through the use of Social Media.

You Can earn Up to 10 000 Naira from NairaTime a month when you are not serious about it But if you are serious You can earn As Much As 30000 Naira Per Month.
Naira Time Can Pay you even without Referrals. So don’t Worry about How to Get referrals.

You can earn on NairaTime By

1.    Sponsored Post (N150 per post) You can Earn with this By sharing Daily Post On your FaceBook Profile. Which is Very Easy.

2.    Login Bonus (50) You will get 50 naira Bonus every day you login to your Account Which make daily earning summed to 200 Naira.

3.    Survey/Discussion (100)
4.     Guider Bonus (N500 per guide) You will get 500 Naira for every person that register with your username as a Guider, So if you Teach Or Help register somebody on Naira Time you will get 500 Naira.
Unlike NNU NairaTime pays every Week and can pay the Minimum of N5000

How to Register With NairaTime

You can register Free On Nairatime But You will need to pay N1500 To get Activated.
You will get activated After 2-3 Hours Of your Payment.
You can Make Payment Right from your phone at home, you don’t need to go to the Bank or get Coupon Code before making payment. They is a an online payment method that is very fast to use.

To Register on Nairatime follow these steps

1.     Type in your Browser Or click on that link
2.     Click on Register on the first page
3.     Fill in the form Correctly
Fill in the first name, Username (not second name), email, password, correct account details make sure it is correct, phone number and guider username You Can use Mine because I referred you.
Guider Username Use: Toponlinetech
4.     Click On Register. You are Good to go

Two Method of Payment

1.     Online Payment You will be taken to Payment Page, Select Online Payment if you have ATM Card. Activation Price of 1500.
2.     Transfer If you did not Have ATM Card, you will need to call the numbers That will be displayed there below the page in other to get A coupon Code, You will need to pay manually to the account number that will be given to you by the Agent in other to get the code. You will now use the Code on the Form.
After Payment Has been Made You will be Redirected to the Account Where you will have to wait for 3 hrs to get Activated.

  1. Click on SPONSORED POST  click here
  2. follow the instruction written before the sponsored post.
  3. That’s all Your N150 will be smiling at you. Do not delete Post from your timeline. 
If you Make Withdrawal Before Less than 10000 Naira You will need to Reactivate your Account so it is advised not to make quick withdrawal yet.

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