How to Start Blogging For Money In Nigeria Free

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Have you been asking yourself this question of how do I make it online in Nigeria? In this Post We will discourse a very simple and free ways of starting a free blog and making money online with it in Nigeria If you are committed and consistent you will make a lot of money but if you are not consistent and committed you will make little or none.  
Starting  a blog is very simple and easy, Many Nigerians have really made money from blogging. What is blog? A blog is a very simple or complicated website that  you add new Updates and daily post Just Like your Facebook Timeline, Every post you add to your timeline is been saved and new post Is added on top while old post goes down below, that is a very good example of A blog.
You can easily become a blogger just like The popular Linder Ikeja you can start making money today How does it work I will share with you the basic and simple way that always work or You can take a professional Course on how to start a blog and start making cool money in three weeks.

Start with A free Blog On wordpress
You can start a free blog with, Wordpress is the best, greatest and most powerful CMS that is Just very feet for Blogging So many blog you see today where created with wordpress.

 There is a hosted Wordpress blog you can start with a free wordpress blog, also very powerful. But it has limitations, you will not be given a domain name rather you will be given a subdomain name such as instead of the free wordpress site has no good way of monetizing  but you can start with it and learn more about Wordpress before going to the real stuff. This is to register your domain name, Buy a good host and install Wordpress CMS on your Host. With the powerful plugins and so many beautiful themes around you can start making money.
You can also take a wordpress Professional Course 

 Start With a free blog on Blogger
Another Free  Blog you can start with and make money from if you Put in your hard work is the popular  Blogger, just like is free and every one can use it, Linder Ikeja is using the free blogger blog and with it she is making a lot of Good money with it. 

The only limitation to this is that it does not have a lot of free beautiful Templates and plugins like wordpress. Blogger Blog belong to Google and it gives Https which already keep it on top of a lot of site on Google Rank, it also support  Google adsense; Google adsense is the number one way of making money online with a website where you will be paid to show ads. On blogger Blog your free blog will have a subdomain such as and it is simple but powerful in ranking. You can start A blog today Post articles and get traffics, In 6 month time you can start making money from it.

You can also Start A  Blog With a free Host, A free Domain name of your own and Make A lot Of money with it.
You can take a Blogger Professional Course

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