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Here is a clear and summarized article that will help you get a free website registered as all other website with wordpress running on it and a good adsense account that will actually get you making good money.

To get a website that actually work well with Adsense, although this will only be free for one year, after which you must use a paid host to continue. How to get a free website and a free domain name To start you need to visit tk, it is a site that offer  free domain from freenom, to get this you'll have to go to the site and type in a domain name you like, Example you can type in ‘yourname’ Note: the site only offer (.tk. .ml .ga .cf and .gq,) for free, example you may find ‘’ or ‘’ or ‘’ or ‘’ you will have to register the domain name the same way you register domain on paid domain registrar website, You will fill a form but you will not have to add any credit card information.

After you are done with domain name registration the next steps is how to get a free host and Connect it with the free domain name already registered.

How to get a free Host

1. Visit 000webhost

000webhost is a website that offer free host for one year, the host work like every other host and you can also connect it with your Paid domain, 000webhost has no limitation As a starter you can start with it, even many professionals out there are already using this host. The advantage of 000webhost is that, you can install free wordpress, you can also build your site with there free site builder, it is easy to use as a novice you can use and enjoy it, it has a dynamic database that can also use phpmyadmin and a good file explorer you don’t need an FTP to get files into your site.
2. Create Your site
During the registration you will have to type in the name of your site and the subdomain web address, e.g don’t worry we will soon change that to your free registered domain name. Upload your site or Just install the Wordpress CMS to get started.

Now Change your Domain namesevers

This part may be hard to you so follow My Clear Steps
1. Visit  to sign in to your freenom account.
2. Then click on my domains from the drop down menu, it will bring a list of your domains.

3. Stroll the domain you want to use and click on manage domain.
click on management tools nameservers use a custom nameservers.

4. then fill the name server box with the below nameservers then click on change nameservers.
Note you need to click on 'use custom nameservers' as shown above and then imput the two 000webhost nameserver and finally click on Change Nameserver.

Go to 000webhost and comfirm the new domain name 
Follow this steps carefully 
1. Sign in to 000webhost
Sign in to your account by following this link
2. Got to Set Web address 
4. Select Own Domain 

5. Type in the free domain Name
The area marked are the two 000webhost DNS nameserver Explained above in point 4.

Finally you will see that your domain have been parked and you need to wait for a while. For every thing to start working properly. 
If you Have successfully completed this step then you are good to go If you need Help on this feel free to add your Comment below or contact me on  Thanks and God bless you.

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  1. If you need Help on this feel free to add your Comment below or contact me on

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