How To Prevent Ban from Google Adsense in 2019

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If you have been successfully approved on Google Ad-sense Congratulation but that is not all, Let the Joy of been Approved not lead you to Ban. You did not need to worry about ban if you will read this post to the end.  
Here are quick and summarized tips on how to prevent been bound from Ad-sense.

1. Do not click on your own ads

Every advertiser on Google Ad-sense has a set goal by partnering with Google Ad-sense to display ads on blogs and YouTube videos. The advertisers want to make sales. Every Entrepreneur wants to get a good value for his investments.  
Every ad click are been paid for, this is the reason why Google Ad-sense do not joke with self-clicking. Once your IP address has detected you will been banned on Flagged in your email. Self-clicks has been the reason why many Ad-sense account are banned, therefore if you want to Avoid been banned from Google Ad-sense you must never do that mistake of testing your own ads, as many are been tempted with a way to click on the ads when their blog is new or their traffic are low.

2. Do not advise or convince others to click

When you Convince or Advice your friends or family member to click on your ads it will result to illegal activity and you will get suspended or mostly banned for that.
Here are the illegal ways of getting people to click on your ads as truncated from the Ad-sense program policy.

             Promising compensation to users or to a third party for viewing ads.
             Encouraging users to click the Google ads using phrases same with or similar to “click the ads”, “support us”, “visit these links”.
             Directing visitors attention to the ads using arrows or any other symbols.
             Adding advertisement links to deceptive images.
             Place ads in a floating box script.
             Making ads similar to your blog posts or any other site contents in order to get people to click unwillingly.
             Placing misleading labels anywhere near the ads. For instance, ads may be labeled “Sponsored Links” or “Advertisements”, but not “Favorite Sites” or “Today’s Top Offers”.
 3. Avoid copyrighted materials.

You can get banned for copyrighted materials even after approval. It is an experience, their must not be included in your blog post or video, you should not offer download links to content that are copyrighted and content that are for sell, it will result to your adsense been ban.
If you wish to create a new topic or publication on a topic that has already been published by another person, then you should find a new way to make something that is new. If you are on adsense you can get banned if your publish someone else video.

4. Do not display contents that violate the AdSense content policy.

There are so many content that violate AdSense Policy, this policy helps to guide its publishers on the type of content to provide. The policy is shown below.

5. Be Careful to Combine other ad network with adsense
You can use other ad network on your site with adsense but those are very few, so be careful to check very well before combining with ad-sense so many ad network can not be combined with ad-sense because there are against google policy.

Thanks for staying till this point, now Bonus Tips

1. Do not place so many ads on post, 2 side bar ads and 3 post ads is enough. Some site have up to 12 ads running on a page, it is like Begging your Visitors to click.

2. Never use bot for impression or page view 

3. Do not use any ad clicking bot. 
4. be careful of your back link

You can add more in comment box, thanks.

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