How to create your own YouTube Channel And make Money from It in 2019

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YouTube is for every one and once you are 18 years and above you are ready to start making Cool Money from it, all you need is a good channel and an audience to watch your videos. Therefore you can also Join the thousands of people making thousands of dollars from YouTube. Here is a quick and summarized Post on  How to create your own YouTube Channel And make Money from It  in 2019.
Since Google Updated their Policy Many YouTubers Are running away because their Channels cannot met the Requirements to get an approval, That is why you can cheap in and go viral,  With consistency and hard work sharing your Videos and Channels around social medias I bet you in no time your subscribers and Viewers will come looking for you all the way.

Before you continue let get things clear. First you need to sit down and take a Jotter and write down some thoughts.
What do you love doing?  Are a football fans or a lover of sport, are you a lover of music or Gymnastics, or you like giving tutorials on something you know very well,  You will go far when you love what you are doing.

What kind of channel do you want to create? Is a it a music channel or a tutorial channel, you have to write down the type of channel that you love to start with. Other questions to answer are; where can you get audience or views from? How much are you going to spend to create Videos?

Steps To create Your YouTube Channel.
Here is a clear outlined steps you can create a YouTube Channel.
1. Visit
2. Click on sign In at Top right
3. Sign in with the email you want to create your Youtube Channel on
4. On youtube Home page click on your email profile at the top right Conner as shown below in Red

5. On the Drop down Menu Click on My Channel as shown below
6. Now type in the name of your New And lets Get going.
Steps To Upload Videos to Your New Channel
Thank you for Staying with me to this level Now you want to upload new videos on your new channel very easy.
1. Go to the Homepage of your Channel
2. Click on a camera or Camcorder sign as shown below
3. After Clicking on the Upload Video Sign, You will be taken to a new page where you can Select files to upload
4. Now type in the name of the video as you want it to appear on Youtube, enter a good tags, and description this help viewers understand more about your Videos.
Now you are ready Go, Let see how to get 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers in 30 Days.

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