How to avoid and Restore your Facebook account from Hackers

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Welcome back to where you get most online information that you need, here we are going to quickly Highlight clear steps that you can Avoid your Facebook Account from been hacked, as you know Facebook account has been venerable to hackers and the number of account hacked is actually increasing every day, It is a very tragic experience to wake up one morning and discovers that you cannot log in to your own Facebook account again after trying and trying and trying you cannot still access it. Scammers use false Facebook account to scam people and fraud them or just to get some certain information from them. 3 friend of mine are victims of this things that was what encouraged me to go for this research and to bring to you How to avoid and Restore your Facebook account from Hackers I only succeeded in restoring one of the Three account.

How to avoid your Facebook account from been Hacked
1. Connect your account to your email account.
If you don’t want hackers to successfully hack your Facebook account you need to connect it to your own personal and private email address and never share the password with anyone.

Steps to do this

1. Log in to your account using a browser, in doing this use the ‘m’ represent mobile Facebook version which is not the same with the web Facebook version, the mobile summaries your account and also load fast for what we intended to do now.
2. Scroll down to the setting and privacy below your account. Click on the setting and privacy which contains all your major setting and account privacy as shown below.

3. On the new page, click on Personal Information setting.

4. On the new page you will need to type in your password and them click Continue.

5. On the new page you will see the space for email address is Blank, add your current email address.
A confirmation code will be sent to your email address log in to your email and look for the Message from Facebook, Open it and copy the code,  add that confirmation code to the space provided   
Now with your email address connected to your Facebook account you can easily restore back your account when hacked.

2. Don't sign Up online any how with Facebook
After you have set up your email address it will please me to let you know that, any website that require you to sign Up or sign in with Facebook avoid such site especially if you did not trust them. 

When you sign up with your Facebook profile your private information will be stored on the database of that site, Scammers and Hackers can easily use them to hack you. Especially earning apps that pays you to do some certain things. All My friends that where hacked had this in Common.

3. Don't Share your password

If need Be keep Your facebook password long and Difficult to comprehend by others Example: mTmV77u@hh33 this password example is looking hard but you can learn to remember it, My personal Facebook password is 14 Character and your can only copy and paste it you cannot comprehend it.

How to Restore your Facebook account from Hackers

How Do you restore Your Facebook Account After been hacked, here is a quick and summarized Solution that can help you do this, it worked for So many but it may not work for you, If it does not work for you Just place a comment below or Contact me to see how i can Be of help.
1. Open on a Browser
2. Got to forgotten Password
3. Type in your email address that you connected to your account. and click search.

 4. Your account is found how do you want to receive the code to reset your password, Select Option as shown below
Select Via email and log in to your email as you recieve the code then reset your account.
Thanks Hope this post was helpful to you, if yes please do well to Comment and share below, Thanks.

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  1. When you see a friend 's friend request don't accept ask him if he or she opened a new account


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