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How to Add AdSense Verification Code to Your WordPress Blog

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After You have applied For an Adsense account and now you are asking how to place verification code on your Wordpress blog that will really be seen by adsense, Because so many Wordpress blogger finds it difficult to do this and Most of the time place ads verification code on the wrong place and wasting time waiting for approval without knowing that there is nothing to see, So here are two clear and simple methods you can add adsense verification code to your wordpress blog if you are new to Wordpress i advise you to use the second method.
Two method You can do this
Method 1

This Methods is adding adsense verification code to your wordpress blog without the use of Plugins
In this methods you will be very careful and make sure you did not temper with any of your hearder Code, you need to follow this steps very carefully if you know you don’t want to use any plugin to do it, otherwise Just skip these steps to the next method.

1. Correctly copy the code from your adsense account

If you click on copy code and you are not sure the code was really copied you can highlight it and do the manual copy because not all browser work with that.

2. Log in to you Wordpress dashboard

When you log in to your wordpress dashboard make sure you follow these step below carefully, You can log in to your dashboard by adding /wp-admin/ to your URL.

3. Go to your Editor Page

By the left side of your dashboard menu click on Appearance, A drop down menu will be shown as you hover on appearance click on Editor

4. You will be taken to a page which you can Directly edit the code of your wordpress 

Any Editing you do here will be saved and it will have effect on your Blog.
On the Editor Page by the right At Theme Files look for Header.php
5. In between the <head> and </head> Tag You can paste Your code
I advised You paste your code a line just before the </head> tag As shown Below.

After you are done pasting your code you can now Click on Update code below.
After code has been Updated You are good to go

Method 2

In this method we are going to be using a plugin that can easily add such code to some specific part of wordpress blog

Install the Head, Footer and Post Injections plugin on your blog by going to Plugin-Add new-and search for Head, Footer and Post
Injections on your blog Dashboard.

After you are done with installing the plugin, go to setting on you dashboard and Click on header and footer   the plugin will open.

On the Header and Footer area of the plugin you can paste you code on the for every page As shown Below.

 After that is done you are good to go by clicking on save congratulation your code has been successfully added to your Blog.
If you need any Help don’t Hesitate to contact me on  Remain Bless

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