How To make 2$ Online In Nigeria every day

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You are Welcome to this Blog, Very quickly we are going to go

strieght to the point on how to make 2$ online in Nigeria Every

day, every one can do this, i am not talking about survey since

survey does not work in Nigeria, What am about to share with you is

very simple, I came accrose it, i tried it out and it worked for me

So today i want to share with you this is not scam it is legit i

have been using it and it is also pupoler, One thing i like about

then is that they Pay Immediatly as you click redeem. You dont need

a system and you must not use an andriod phone If you are ready

lets Go with the step to beging

1. The first Step is to open a Skrill account.
You may be thinking It will not be pusible Just hang on to the end

of this Post.
2. After you are done with a skrill account.
With your Skrill email ready we can go to the next level. You will need to have a facebook

account since you can only Sign Up with a Facebook account.
3. Sign Up with BayMack.
Sign Up with Baymack, Free with your Facebook Profile, Baymack is a

site that Pay you By getting Entries to Win a Price, People are

selected ramdomly to Win And those with the highest Entries has the

greatest Opportunity of being selected Note; Even If you Are not

selected to Win prize they is a prize for every One.
Sigh Up-
4. After signing Up start Getting entries By Watching Videos of 80

-90 Seconds,5-6 Videos give you One entry, You will be paid for

every entry.
With the Minimum withdrawer of 0.01$ into your skrill account, With

good entry and luck you could earn 80$ a day.
5. Finally When your Skrill account is Up to 20$ you can withdraw 

directly to your Bank account but if account is not linked Use this

website below.
On Naira to Usd send 20$ to them and get payed into your Bank

account they give 300 Pey skrill Usd.

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  1. This also worked for me but it takes a long of time to make up to that 20$ really hardwork

  2. Baymark can drink your data like something


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